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Send Off Ceremony of junior mental calculation cup & mental calculation world cup and 4th state level prize distribution

Indian Team with their Coach Ms.Gwendolen Noronha and World Champions.

Genius Kid India Open in association with World Cube Association

Nashik 1st Mental Sports Championship


Students working hard for the upcoming Olympics.

Gunishka Mukesh Jain performing 8 X 8 Multiplication

Maitri Maniar performing Addition on Memoriad Software

Shashank Jain performs 8 digit sqaure root

Yash Kumar performing 3X3 Multiplication on Genius Kid Software

Yash Kumar performing 5X5 Multiplication


Workshop of Cubes

Addition 4 years old GIRL

Binary Digit

Calendar and Flash Numbers

Calendar Dates

Division & Addition

Flash Number

Franchise Video

Honoured by Tara Singh

ICA Record of 4 Years Boy

Multiplication 8X8 2

Multiplication 8X8

Record of Square Root

Square Root 6 Digit

GeniusKid NDTV

India Memoriad Signing Ceremony

Mental World Record for Multiplication of Two 20-Digit Numbers

Mental Square Root World Record

Flash Anzan World Records

Mental Square Root World Record for Ten 8-Digit Numbers

Mental 6 digit Square Roots World Record

Flash Anzan World Records

Authored By : Ms. Gwendolen Noronha

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